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Join our Business Partner Program and earn for life.


You know how they say perpetuity is a bad thing we think it makes you work harder.


This is where we really show a whole community the power of our tool. We have partnered with the chamber of commerce and other marketing agencies to bring this to whole communities. 


Eligibility Criteria:

There is not any particular technical qualification or experience needed for becoming a business partner program, although having some web technology knowledge will help you to get clients you want to refer to us. However if you are a friendly and social person but don’t have any specific web knowledge you can still get success because you will just have to refer the client to us and our technical expert will handle all the communications and other stuff ourselves.

Our Business Partner Program built in the way that if you grow, we will grow as well

We believe in keeping things simple, so you can focus on the main goal instead of understanding the complexity of the partner program.

So how does this business partner program work ? Here is the answer. You will refer or bring us clients who are looking to get great reviews. Once they are referred to us, it will be our responsibility from there on to contact them and get all the info necessary to get them closed, their account open and so on. If everything goes well and we get the contract from the client and we start on their account, you will start getting monthly earnings which will be 50% of the amount which we make monthly from them minus the credit card fees . You will get this income for a complete lifetime of every single client.. There is no maximum limit you can earn. You can refer as many clients as you want without any limitation. We do ask that you be from the USA or that you are willing to also lose money via the tax issues that go with your country.  Inside the USA we require you to download and fill out this W9 before being paid.

How to become a Business Partner?

  1. Fill the form below with required information and submit.
  2. We will review it and approve your application for joining our Business Partner Program.
  3. Once approved, you will be given your referral code, which will be further used by you for referring clients or projects.
  4. Start referring clients.

Fill the form and join Business Partner Program